What Clients Say

From a physician

Bill provided me with outstanding counsel and support during a challenging legal situation involving a healthcare workplace conflict. He was generous with his time and extremely responsive. He acted with integrity, wisdom and compassion throughout a difficult process for those involved. His experience in healthcare and mediation proved invaluable. His representation also provided our party with significant credibility as he has a well deserved reputation in the healthcare-legal sector. Ultimately, he helped our party reach the outcome which we were hoping for. I give Bill my highest possible recommendation.

From an independent pharmacy

William Stempel is an excellent lawyer. I found “Bill” to be down to earth, approachable, and very clear in his explanations and clarifications. He was very responsive to my requests and needs. I first used Bill’s services to assist in a contract dispute with a former employer. Bill was clear, firm when necessary, and highly effective in that situation. I later hired Bill to oversee the formation of our Independent Pharmacy. I highly recommend using William Stempel for any contract, employment and / or healthcare venture or need; you’ll get straightforward answers, fair pricing, highly effective work-product.

From a physician and pharmaceutical consultant

I have been working with Bill Stempel since 2007, when I was introduced to him by a friend who is also a client of his. I have been very impressed with his intelligence, judgment, and broad experience in health care, life sciences, and other businesses. His advice and representation have been extremely helpful to me in a variety of contract, employment, and other legal matters. He is also remarkably easy to talk to, a caring and sympathetic listener, a skilled and effective communicator, and a dependable source of wise and practical counsel on both business and legal issues. On top of that he has always been very responsive, even on short notice (and even though he is based in Connecticut while I am in California), and efficient in his use of time. I am very glad to have him as my lawyer and I highly recommend him to others.

From a biotech company

I recently set up a small biotech company to commercialize an invention arising from my research as a faculty member of a medical school. Bill Stempel helped me negotiate a license from the school, has served as my attorney for all transactions other than patent prosecution, and has provided exceptionally helpful business-minded legal advice. He has helped me expand my understanding of how intellectual property matters affect commercialization in the biotechnology industry. Since I have been on a rather steep learning curve throughout this process, I am grateful that I have been able to benefit from Bill’s vast knowledge and experience, including his impressive grasp of biomedical science. His professionalism, flexibility and effectiveness as an attorney are exceptional. Every aspect of my interaction with Bill has been a pleasure, and I firmly believe that the support he has provided has increased my chances of success in this venture.

From a biopharmaceutical executive and consultant

Bill advised and helped me with contracts for several professional opportunities. Bill is very experienced in business and contract matters, particularly in the life science area, including biotech and pharmaceutical industry. He dedicated his attention to understand the context of my situation fully and asked very relevant questions. He was very detail oriented in reviewing the contracts and interacted with me promptly and professionally. I enjoyed my discussions with him, which provided me with helpful insight beyond the pure legal matters. I recommend Bill without hesitation.

From a physician and consultant

Bill has been a trustworthy pragmatic and very responsive attorney and advisor to my business. He is a tough negotiator with a very kind and calm demeanor. He has a thorough knowledge of the law and I rely on his judgment to make the correct decisions. He has reviewed every contract I have signed and I have always benefitted from his thoughtful reviews. Sometimes, the other side has expressed gratitude to him for his review as well. I would recommend him unhesitatingly. As a small business owner he has given me the Cadillac service that only large companies have access to. I am very grateful for that.