Professional Practices

A professional practice, in medicine, law, accounting, or other fields, thrives on the principle of synergy: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  The individual partners complement one another, support one another, and achieve results together that they couldn’t achieve separately.

But just as (in chemistry) antagonism is the opposite of synergy, so differences between the partners on business issues—even where the different points of view are each reasonable and legitimate—can create friction and conflict that ultimately can undermine the trust and cooperation on which collective success depends.

Highly-trained physicians, lawyers, and accountants usually have experience in helping others solve problems.  Unfortunately, when they’re personally involved in the conflict, that experience may be hard to apply.  A skilled, independent mediator like Bill Stempel, who understands the business context in which the practice operates, can help the partners reach a resolution that allows them to go back to focusing on their professional work.