Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations occupy an increasingly significant place in American society and around the world. They often take on large, critically important projects that are not adequately addressed by government or the for-profit sector. Unlike both government and business organizations, though, the typical nonprofit is chronically underfunded and dependent on volunteers to supplement the work of paid staff (if there are any paid staff at all).

Largely because of that reliance on volunteers, nonprofits often don’t have hierarchical or otherwise tightly organized governance and management structures. That lack of structure can make conflicts among staff, among board members, or between board and staff, very difficult to resolve. Unresolved conflicts can make an organization dysfunctional, and get in the way of the pursuit of its mission.

Bill Stempel has worked as a lawyer and senior executive for large and small nonprofit organizations, and has also served as a nonprofit board member.  With that experience and with his skills and training as a mediator, he can help nonprofit organizations resolve internal conflicts and focus once again on their important work.