Disputes between employers and employees are common, and most employers (and many employees) have experience in resolving ordinary disputes. When unresolved disputes result in litigation or administrative proceedings, however, things change. The time, money, and emotion invested by the parties to the dispute can make resolution much more difficult. As the case lasts longer and that investment increases, the goal of a reasonable resolution can seem more and more unreachable.

Mediation can help the parties reach that goal sooner and less expensively. A mediator works with the parties and their representatives to help sort out the issues at stake for each party, and help them hear one another—sometimes for the first time. With the mediator’s help, the parties can take a realistic look at their existing options, and sometimes craft new options that may work better for everyone.

Bill Stempel has mediated dozens of employment-related cases. He regularly mediates Equal Employment Opportunity cases for the U.S. Postal Service and the federal Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. His informed, neutral, empathetic and clear-thinking approach can help employers and employees reach their common goal: a reasonable resolution that can work for all parties.